Smart cars. while the future readies to unfold

Smart cars. while the future readies to unfold

July 15, 2016 / 0 Comments / 378 / Blog, 2018
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Throughout history we have made dramatic predictions about how cars will be and what will they have in the future. Cars that with autonomous driving to 3-D printed cars and also cars that can fly. Goodyear tyres have come up with an ‘Eagle-360’ concept tyres that have sensors that can register road conditions and adjust speed. How much further do you think the automotive industry can go?

There was a time in the past where cars were just made to get from point A to point B. Now, we have arrived in an era where its not just about getting to your destination,

Between using cars as medium of commute to becoming car fanatics, a lot has changed along the way. Smart phones to smart cities, and now we have smart cars. It would not be surprising if smart car concepts from science fiction movies were to be seen on real roads in another five years.

The automotive industry is consistently coming up with new exciting ideas to create something new every day. Always getting better at innovating features for safety, entertainment and practicality, to let you get the best of the future, today. Smart cars have cramped crazy features from autonomous driving to cars emitting oxygen (like trees do), getting us closer to the dawn of ‘robot cars’.

Did you know that Naylab 5 was the first vehicle to go across coast-to-coast autonomously in the USA way back in 1995. Today, with the awakening of high tech chaos, the rate of change in the automotive industry is humungous.

Predicting the future car tech can get a little dicey and daunting. Nevertheless, in an effort to contemplate what to expect in the subsequent years, here is a glimpse of a few concepts that are going to make you time travel to the future.

  1. No more Key-less, go key-fob-less!

Keyless entry becomes a thing of the past when fingertip readers and retina scanners take the limelight. Yes, this is exactly what you think it is. Unlocking cars will be like unlocking smartphones with a fingertip scanner or even better, retina scanners will do the job. All you will have to do is look into your car through the window and voila!

There is also a good amount of work going in recognizing if you are driving drunk to make this world a safer place to drive in. A biometric access control system is being attempted for quick, easy, convenient and accurate protection.

  1. Do not take your eyes off the road!

How would you like it if you did not have to keep shifting your eyes off the road too often while driving in this era overloaded with tons of distractions? Be it to navigate your way through unknown twist and turns, check the speed you are at and even who is calling right now, what if you could do all this and still not take your eyes of the path you are driving through?

That’s exactly what Augmented Reality Head-Up display is all about. Get your car windscreen to display everything you have in mind to relieve yourself from the burden of complications. For economic, safe and comfortable riding this would be the ultimate feature to look forward to.

  1. Telepathy between Vehicles

One might wonder why would cars talk to each other? Does that even make sense? Well, it kinda does. What if you are to take a left turn? And we know our typical Indian drivers, always on the wrong side of the road. So, you are always at a risk of getting yourself into an accident. With communication between two vehicles, it will enable you to have a heads up in order to avoid a major or minor accident. And of course, you will also save yourself from getting into a fight with a lot of yelling and profanities and huge audience to watch all of it.

These vehicles will not only communicate about warnings in case of danger but also about road blocks and other important information. What is even more impressive is that all of this exchange of crucial data will take place without any human help and without the knowledge of the human occupant.

  1. Airbags will now save cars!

Airbags were the best thing that happened since brake pedals were installed. One thing leading to another, we have so many kinds from side airbags to seat belt airbags and everything in between. Now we will also have air bags that pop from underneath your car in case of a crash.

This works on the sensor based mechanism. When the sensor determines that an impact is forthcoming, these airbags with friction coating will have the capability to get the vehicle 8cms off the road. Is this life saving airbag that can prevent road accident and save so many lives just awesome or what?

  1. Body panels that can store energy

Hybrids are a good news for the environment but let’s not forget how much space batteries tend to take. This leads to the cars becoming very heavy. Like all the other problems in the past, this too can be solved with expertise. Energy storing body panels are being tested such that they are strong enough to be used in cars.

These panels will capture energy either from technology within the car or by charging overnight. The automotive industry has gone one step further to test if these panels can actually capture solar energy for their purpose.

  1. No more check-up trips to the hospital

This has to be the most remarkable innovation ever! Cars being abled enough to check your vital statistics while you drive……………………………………………. And how will this happen? A concept of seatbelt and steering wheel being equipped for the purpose in such a way that the sensors do not only alert the driver about unusual vitals but will also pull the car over to the side of the road.

Some of these concepts are already entering the production phase while others are still a work in progress. Either which way these ideas will take driving any  car a notch higher!

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